Wednesday, March 12, 2008

so like after this few pics
blogger have prob again

AND OH DAMN, i keep petering. i learnt that from this girl on youtube
peter means fart
oh and my peter STINKS!

2day was more enjoyable i guess
don noe why
maybe cuz i brought my cam cam to school
and everyone started bombading it with pics=))
dian contributed to it the most!!
*claps for her
so i'll have to upload slowly
i think another peter's coming. opps

and yep, my cam was passed around and around, so was my ring
i don noe where it started though
i just keeps seeing my ring at diff ppl's hand whenever i turn my head over
VIVIEN HAWTTIE. we call her hawt!
ME AND MR DAVID. don ask me why i look so spas. mr david has one hell of a huge tummy. sry. it got me so distarcted on the first day. his shirt 2day was much better
YAY, u see, my crystals formed! and mrs chia said it's nice

zhen: mrs chia! my crystals are ready already, where do i put it?
chia: (takes out evaporating dish) pour in here
zhen: (pour)
chia: eh, your crystals are quite nice huh (picks up and see)
zhen: ya very nice right
chia: hahaha, what's your name?
zhen: seet shu zhen
chia: i know you are the cheeky cheeky one
zhen: huh me? haha, oh you mean at the PAT? (oops)
chia: haha, ya

anws, i was at the PAT, i was laughing non-stop
then she keeps scolding me. haha
that was yesterday
when i told keziah, she laugh at me-_-
oh and during chem 2day
oh fuck
we were suppose to do some chemical stuff
actually i don noe for wad, but heck
we were suppose to smell the solution when heated and observe the colour
observing wont kill but smelling it!!!!?????!?!?!??!
it was ficking BAD
especially the chlorine thing with another thing, i 4got
it just totally shoots up ur nose. like wasabi
mo mo was tearing, vic and hawt was tearing too
but i had a warning from mo mo at first so yeah, wasnt that bad for me
but i almost dropped the test tube though
anws, was talking to momo like the whole eng lesson
glad it's over! whee. eh, 2moro i have nothing, feels empty=(

and i have to do hw
that's the worst!
oh well, im bored
suppose to be bathing cuz i was soaked from waist down
ficking rain

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