Sunday, March 23, 2008

shucks, blogger have prob again
i realize i haven uploaded the 3G1 pics, have never 4got bout that
stupid blogger
omgawd, yesterday i was damn bored at home
i should have went to church
even if its not yhope
should have went to pphbc
damn you gor
and it was raining yesterday too
my mood was weird. it wasnt down but just weird
yea thanks ivandy for acc me
so i added more stuff to my neo book
and painted my nails
heck with the sch luh

and i just realize something
__ did not __ __ in the morning
like duh, wad else, 4got
but nvm, i don really care
happened for 3 times already, that was the 4th
why should i care
and my com is fking lag
ive been eating and eating non-stop
cuz im bored...... i want chips....
i might haven gotten use to the brows already=))

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