Friday, March 7, 2008

RYAN NIGAHIGA IS TERRIBLY HAWT and CUTE (his vids are addictive)

really, okay, maybe only bimbos like me and melia understands. -_-
screw it
k, anw
im freaking pissed off with A maths
i don understand bloody thing ms ____ is saying!
cuz we had like EXTRA lessons 2day
and i wasnt concentrating
wad she taught, only 1/4 went into my head
that's quite good already. teehee
and i brought 3 bags 2day again!
ballet bag, laptop and own bag, cuz i thot i would be going to my grandma's house
and i can just leave my stuff there
but cuz of the EXTRA lessons. my mum asked me to go home
say it's a clever choice-_-
my family's quite spastic. melia agrees. HAHAH
anw, 2moro i'll be going PHS carnival in the morning
then afternoon going melia's church
i believe i told u guys b4 it was weird
but bcuz she bribed me, so im going. hee

this is a cheque. used for share-a-thought. omgawd, my class's really funny. we got new song=)) but cant say yet
during chem. mrs chia gave permission to take picture of ur own crystals. the prob is that mine wasnt satuated enough, so my poor crystals didnt form. so when others collected their pretty crystals, i was re-boling my solution. since ppl take pic of their own crystal, i take pic of my boiling hot solution.
anw, i went to check it out 2day. YAY YAY YAY, my crystals formed!!
ballet was fun as usual
i cant wait to learn grade 7's dances. i saw them dancing, so nice.
my ballet exam coming soon
i think it's pretty late now. actually, it's very late. 00:07
cuz of ryan's vid!
and i just got the right info. HE'S JAPANESE
OMGAWD. SO CUTE PLS. he sounds so ang moh in his vid.
oh de wonder his eye brow so thick. HAHA

oh i 4got to mention
my chi dance instructor says i have the chinese essence in my dance
like wth, i was omgawd.
then the whole dance laugh. probably cuz im not cheena and i speak extremely "fluent" chinese. u can try
and from then on, amanda keeps saying whatever i do looks cheena. HAHA
damn spas.
oh welll. bb

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