Tuesday, March 11, 2008

oh yay, i managed to upload the remaining pics!

went to HANS for dinner
has this freaking childish quarrel with ivandy thru smses
like wth.
so stupid
then came home and such
this was wad i had for dinner. ham sandwich. i wasnt hungry, cause i had cheese fries remember.and, plus this tomato omelette. really, don try this, it stinks! (i don mean it literally) maybe cause im not a egg fan. or the egg's too runny for me. eeew

oh they look so much more appetizing this way

at vivo. melia and zhen

yay!! my pasta face is here!! joce took damn long to figure out the face
notice my cheese face have eye lashes too!
and now the additional tongue
the day i went joce house. i was totally drenched
so was she
alrito, my dad keeps nagging non-stop
my sore throat at first seems to be getting worse, but it seems better now
i don noe
my ulcer does not hurt as much either anymore!

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