Sunday, March 23, 2008

im still bored
and i haven done anything 2day
so unproductive
i only manage to post some pics
blogger's sick
i just went to dawn yang's blog
she's not pretty, she's angelic
but they say she did pastic
i don noe
at macs

i feel so no lifer
maybe i missed sch
do i?
anws, i read finish this book zoey lend me
by low kwa hua
im not sure this is the correct spelling though
oh yeah, nice books
singaporean writer
i read 2 of her books already
damn dumb. HAHAH, u noe why. she/he promote her own book in the story
like say the person was reading this book by her
another title duh
but the 2 zoey lent me were 'i believe you' & 'you are here'
i SO MUCH prefer i believe u
easier to connect. that story is just da best
you are here, the ending the girl dies
like u feel damn piss after that
and that book's thicker
so i choose i believe you
ok, im crapping too much
pong pong time
pong pong is baby lang

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