Wednesday, March 26, 2008

im finished with 2.4km!!!

yay, i run 14 min plus. i listen to the first four digit then total shut down
i felt like dying after the whole thing
and ur calf muscles would feel damn tight after the run

then after recess is chem
i was closing my eyes and opening
but mrs chia only notice poorani. HAHA
she sits beside me some more
she said something like 'i saw u sleeping for a split second there arh, don think i don know'
doesnt that mean BLINKING?
then for the rest of the day
i felt like sleeping
oh, went home with smita
we were both complaining that we are damn hungry
sry smitaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
oh at orchard MRT, this lady come up and ask me where's CK tan
i mean it, she said CK tan
so i was thinking where the heck was that
to prevent embarrassing myself
the lady was saying izzit that A bla bla, walk there bla bla
so i just said uh, yeah
i think i gave her the wrong directions
so i quickly walk away
and then, i was telling smita that i thought that building was called CK TANG, not CK tan
HAHAHA, and is CK tang Shaw house?
cuz i have no idea. really
im sry whoever that was, i hope you found ur way to ck tan=)
*there is no spelling errors. they are meant to spell the way they are.
sms short forms are not included in that category
and yeah, we crapped alot
oh!!! she has this shaky tooth
i was shock, didnt noe sec 3 still have ppl teeth haven drop yet
HAHA, she say she still young and childish, that's why can bully Esther.
HAHAHAHHA. tsk tsk. smita arh

alrite, chem is messing me up
but i manage to do some qn
so haiz
and tests all imminent

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