Tuesday, March 18, 2008


i just got back
had some extra phys lessons
went back with zoey and smita
was hugging zoey the whole way
i don mean zoey the human
i mean zoey the monkey
makes no sense (zoey=monkey)
i meant monkey as in soft toy
i'll show u later
and today during class
we keep hearing strange noises
not as in wooo or wuuuu
like scream, amubulance. bird park
and birds were like yaking from one side to the other

hello everyone, my name is zoey. i take over zoey's name as i look like her
look! my hand bag is so adorable right!! like u can lick it
hello, im such a friendly monkey. will you be my friend? (sounds like some cheekopeh from friendster. hee)
im a guy, cuz i have a dick (lollipop stick).
but smita says im a girl. cuz i have pink, no, beige ears
but i have no boobs!
sry, i just needed some entertainment
it was all me alrite
smita had nothing to do with this

oh well, she had gastric the whole day

poor thing

and i need to bathe too.

omg, i love the songs in my imeem

im gonna download more=))

anyone have whine up by kat deluna? can send me?

thank you!

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