Saturday, March 1, 2008


ugh, i'm feeling all ficked up now

oh oh! went to melia's church 2day
the pt is, i don dread going to churches, but, the feeling is just plain weird
maybe cuz im too anti-social
anw, i met nadine at dohby ghaut first
it has been so long since i saw her
ok, maybe not
but yeah.
anw, it's so cool
cuz i was at the back, and she was at the front of the train
so i walk front and she walk back and we met and we just stood there (-_-)
when we reached outram park, melia was at that same door!
it was freakishly coincidential
then we went to the food court to eat at habour front
and made our way to church
i'll skip the part where we were TRYING to find our way there
but melia didnt noe where, so did her frens. haha
or rather, they were UNSURE
im there for the first time hello
then we bus-ed there and it felt EXTREMELY weird
i told melia im not going there again
HAHA, but provided there's some special reasons then i'll go
so.. we had the refreshment part first
i needed that fruit punch so badly
then nadine and qiqi went to study
oh ya, we met qiqi afterwards
she was 2 hrs late
HAHAH, damn cute
so we had the song part, and i felt so weird
then the pastor they invited from don noe where came to give a really inspiring speech
on btw, i teared while praying, i don noe why either
nvm, so we got back to the same food junction for dinner
we stayed there for damn long, talked bout cgs and nj. ahha
qiqi was damn funny
sope, we went to the toilet and cam-whored. lol
yeah, and made our way home

i was bout to sleep

MS MALINI'S CARD!! i cut it. nice? but it's the whole class that filled it up wiht thanks. h-m's her initials. she call them her majesty. lol

the inside. damn chio
and the back. oh u noe why there is that white patch of thing? becuz i rote 29 march instead of 29 feb. lol. anw, after sch i went to my ah ma house for lunch
her food is so nice, then i ate ALOT. and my stomach was super huge. ahhh
and it's abalone btw
oh i wanna watch the leap years, step up 2. yeah
me and melia
me and nadine. her eyes are really big. so i suppose she can just poke the contact lens into her eyes

erm, if u can. click to enlarge. it's the cccb. AND I MEAN NO VULGARITIES.
OMG, I love this mirror. makes us look all the same height and makes us look thin
from left. melia, me, qiqi, nadine
we are slim. yay. and omg, this pic, nadine is cut off in my blog! click to see her! HAHA.
we're pulling long faces
haha, we are so bimbotic hello. no comments luh. i look wrong

reflections yet again.
mua and melia
i showed my lil'bro this pic, then he say "why she look like u, so idiotic" the pt is that he keeps saying my frens all look like me. that pt is idiotic. haha. and yeah, my close frens do look like me. weird huh
LMAO. she's giving blind kisses
after that, i met my dad and bros at northpoint coffee shop
my dad bought a new phone!
so chio, but not for me=(
i bet my eld'bro will take it luh
or rather show that he wants it. ass.
but the photo functions damn cute. can change ur face shape
my bro took a pic of me and change my face shape
omg, i looks really fugly and retarded. kept laughing
thanks gor

say my bag's cute

ok that's all
i don noe how to explain this feeling
cuz i don even noe wad im thinking bout
everything and everyone is just confusing me
and changing how i think of them
im hungry again

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