Sunday, March 9, 2008


going out for dinner soon, short post here
oh yeah, going to sch tomorrow
wow, so excited NOT
anws, i woke with a really bad mood 2day

i have no idea why
so i scolded my kor in the msg

coming to the topic of kor
why do ppl spell kor with a k?
i spell my kor like this: gor
u try saying kor kor and gor gor, which one sounds better huh??
kor is for the fake ones
gor is for the real one
i really don understand
but who cares

and, im in a better mood now, so don worry
my ulcer still hurts like hell and i think another is growing
like WTF? it has happened this past few weeks already, one subsides, another one grows
wth is wrong with my mouth!!

ok, gtg
oh yeah ppl
add me on myspace if u have an acc yeah

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