Tuesday, March 4, 2008

girls talk. spastic

oh oh , share-a-thought 2moro
wow wee
2day was quite boring
though there's like only 4 diff lessons
i was msging (as usual) and playing the games in class
i was damn mischeivous during chem
ask dian
HAHA, we totally 4got that there's another teacher at the back of the class
so anw, the stupid virus still keeps popping up
and haiya
after share-a-though prac, went to meet melia and pertrina at the canteen
it was SOO spastic
ok, so they dragged the bench all the way to the stall to eat
yeah, so we started talking crap
we kept LOL-ING
cuz of really really dumb stuffs
then we went to the carpark
and started dancing some weirdo actions
ok, fine, me only
then it was 4! go home

petrina, melia, me. i look -_-
so does this. hmph
=) da best

ogay, lets see
i think i have hw
i don noe
2moro need to bring alot of things
cant wait
though we have to bloody drag our asses back to sch on mon, tue and wed
for english
how interesting where i passed by one shitty mark?!? 21/40
i rock

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