Monday, March 10, 2008

darn it
i cant upload pics
google got prob
i have my pasta face to show
ok, anwss, kat deluna is one hawt dancing queen
smita went to bangkok 2day
bon voyage!
joce is going to bangkok this thurs as well, so bon voyage!
use the time to relax alrite

2moro is one hell of boring lessons
CHEM!!! omgawd, the sleeping antidote.
same to english. some english persuasive writing with the hairy teddy bear!!
ooh gosh

shootz, i suddenly forgot all the songs that i wanna upload on my blog
i forgot the names
nvm, listen to radio 2moro
or, i think thru the nite
im quite bored
anws, went to taka today
met up with sherman
joce came along too
then after eating at mos, went to her house

anws, sherman just keeps stuffing me with money
i don like that
he keeps wanting to treat us to pepper lunch
then gave me 10 bucks to buy mos burger
then still don wanna keep the 5 bucks change
but still, i stuffed it back into his bag when he went to buy his food
if sherman reads my blog......
i just don wanna start anything
whether he gets he or not, doesnt matter
it's like i hardly noe him

gtg, bye

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