Monday, March 17, 2008

at the singapore flyer
and yes, that's gor's face=)
"ah wth!"

hey hey
pics bombarding session today
there'll be another 2moro i guess
so stay tune
ok, we were at our ah ma house
started playing 'in between'
ok, basically, we are given 2 cards
the last card we're to get a card must be in between the 2 numbers
i don think i understood wad i said
yeah, my eld'bro got an ace at first
so he was damn happy
cuz ace's the smallest card, so the chance of winning is higher
his second card is an ace too, so it does no helps

and for one round
we thot we were gonna win for sure
but in the end
we lost alot, all the chips were put in the middle but soon, i won it back=))
that's a way to entertain ourselves at our ah ma house
btw, ah ma means grandmother
the day where i brought my lil'bro to visit the doc

he looks kinda muscular and tall here right
thanks to my great photography skills
his somewhere my height
omg, grow so fast for wad
and to ballet
we learn this new dance that seems so bloody peaceful
but it makes you damn tired (out of breath) ive got lousy stamina alrite this is the cammeltoe!

i just found the light kinda cool
i did not edit, it's the PURE sunlight

then i wanted to try this expression
but the light was gone
so it turned out kinda spastic

and yay, the light came back

shine on me

ok enought of brightness. the dark side.....

and wow wee
i 4got to bring home my geog wb again
sope, i have to rush in the morning to do it
eh the mass dance thingy is on thur!!
i haven even learn one step of it
omg, it might be quite screwed
anyways, dance was running
i mean we ran here and there like woah
we learn new dance
haha, it was quite painful
had to do with the floor, dat's why
alrite, i need to sleep
oh b4 i go
cuz i didnt have to run 2.4km
cuz i didnt bring P.E attire
not suaning anyone, no offence
it was kinds stupid anws

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