Monday, March 3, 2008

AHHHHHHHH!!!! my laptop kena virus

=( like wth, i didnt do anything and all that irritating stuffs suddenly keeps popping out!!
so darn annoying
yeah yeah, scanning with AVG now
anw, we had dance 2day
lu k was at sports heat
so serita was left without a buddy! omg
she's so cute rite, then everyone wanted to be her buddy
yea, so more and more ppl crowd around her
nvm, lu k soon came back
i didnt know when but i went back with her, so yeah
then we had some shit talk, which i mean serious shit talk
that made melia (pretty obvious) pissed off, and i was quite disappointed
k, i went home with lu k and jia wei, and new member.... GERALDINE
not as in that extremely notorious one, who loves to abuse me and smacks really really hard
that doesnt blink her eyes and just kick u and gives u mysterious bruises. who is sec 3
yeah, not that one, she's sec 1. quite talkative luh
live at sembawang too
yeah that's all
im slacking like shit
but nvm
see wad zen did to my room last nite

firstly, he kicked my clothes onto the floor which was suppose to be in the cupboard

and then slept in my lingerie section. how nice of u man.
next, thinking he was the lightest thing on earth, he jumped on to this shelf which was suspending that we build in. so the whole shelf just collaspe with my stuff on it. STUPID ASS CAT. worse still, he could almost get squashed, but luckily my bags saved his ass
oh yeah! dian has the grape fruit blotter! so cute. i mean the colour, PINK! and it smells yummy
my printer is out of ink
my phone is lagging shit
my com has virus
im having my outbreak, which will soon lead to my period
WTH is going on man?!?

and 2day, dance ended quite badly
apart from the cute hip-hop dance that we just learnt.
like save me

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