Sunday, February 10, 2008


as well as half day. WHOO
sope, i didnt go back to take the earpiece=(
no radio 2moro for me to listen
super sad
i have phy test 2moro which i totally forgot and i'm so dead
i didnt bring back much notes with me
so i have to go study now
just had dinner, and haven bathe AHHH
my life's pretty screwed now.
HAIZ. probably my own fault

walking back to causeway

lu k's plaster on blog again

this is pure stupidness

i look diff. WHY?!?
it's 'plastic' love letter in my mouth. the stupid love letter super hard to bite. cuz it lou feng. means the love letter absorb the gas?? (becomes not crispy) i don noe how to say in eng luh from this hand, from almost bankrupt state to make damn all bankrupt. they didnt haven enough to pay me. especially xiang. he gave the tile, so he had to pay me 12.50. MUAHAH. so we just started the whole game again since i took all their money away already. HAHA. 3 days of mahjong.
first 2 days, sucks
last day, got back all=)
the potion to removal of my cutex. HMPH. i hate removing my cutex, why?? cuz there would be some left over black stuff thgat makes my nails look rotten and it would spoil my nails. ARGH

i gtg bathe
i was stupid alrite
to have got involved so deeply
now it's just hard to pull myself away. but u did it so simply
but nvm, it's just a lesson learnt
go watch 'i not stupid 2' already!!

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