Tuesday, February 26, 2008

is being relaxed a good thing?

it just feels completely weird. maybe bcuz ive gone SO studious already
HAH, damn good luh me
anw, PHYS WAS TERRIBLE, e math was OKAY only
but oh well, CTS are over so it's not that bad
just that we have to go back to lesson mode 2moro which literally SUCKS
ugh... but ms magata was kind enough to let us watch some vids of hers
especially part of the movie 'the eye' .
THAT'S GROSS. it's bout this lady using a fork and knife to dig out her eyes AND EAT IT.
i was bout to puke, but nvm, still enjoyed that period.
then after sch, we were practising this eng thing for 2moro. ooh, ultimate dumbness
i couldnt help but LAUGH. but next door was having test, and kai min keep asking me to shhh
HAHA, damn funny, then went to tiong with petrina and melia.
we ate at KFC. then went to walk ard and took neo prints afterwards
then went to melia's house to slack
watched some freaking cool dance vid
go youtube and type 'kaba modern'
this grp is soo pro. i love them

see, zen is SO attracted to the printer
yes, slurping the noodles. if ure feeling hungry, yay

a new wound from mr zen
me and wu jia. 2DAY. haha. yes, she's wearing my specs, supposedly to look professional
and i don look professional here

aiya!!! her eyes so big luh
she asked me to do this
im concentrating on slacking. heee
ooh, zen's here again
to look at the printer
cuz im printing some rubbish
so cute
time to slp

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