Wednesday, February 27, 2008

hated love

omg, i felt so irritated today
maybe pms
i don noe
im sry if i irritate anybody 2day
i kept showing some ficking tired face.
sry, 2moro will be better=))
anw, we had to rehearse some share-a-thought thingy
cuz next week, WE'RE PERFORMING
it was pretty screwed at the front part
after some amendments, it turned out better
i was quite high b4 that, but by 5 plus (from 2.30)
i just wanted to get home
lynette was highing HERSELF the whole time. hahahaahh
anw, 2moro we're practicing again and on mon
we will win. YES
ok, so tired, i don noe how to do e math 9.1 luh

jia yue and me.

jy's the best at editing pics luh. oh! 2day we had some war again, we were smacking each other like crazy. haha! she punch my boobs luh

yes, he's sleeping on my sock. like doesnt it stink?
i just feel pretty screwed up
yes, i feel that way time to time
so i guess it's normal....
maybe im too tired.
good nite!

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