Sunday, February 24, 2008


2day went to sch for maths rite.
then came home to slack the whole day
then decided to do work out
meaning CRUTCHES (melia, i spelt it correct already)
then i do for don noe how long
then turn out to be sleeping on the mat
couldnt wake up luh
my dad keep calling me to wake up to bathe, i just uhhh then go back to slp
but duh, ite still got up to bathe
so i suppose some fats are gone
but... went my ah ma house to eat dinner.
then after that, went for supper
ROTI PRATA, that's where my fats came back to me.
they must love me so much
at semb cc

i don noe if u remember, but i post a pic of the sofa that zen scratched previously. this is the same one. except it's worse then b4. there's a hole now and the cloth is so gonna 'die' already

after work out. yes, my hair's crazy. my lil'bro still call me ah ma!
it's gor at the back

OH AND, i have NO idea why everyone thinks that
a dancer must have a nice body
i only noe that they have nice posture but body??
no such logic pls
cgs dance is one such example. HHAHAHA
aiya, u noe my dad wants alot of face kind
then gor go and say i take up alot in that area
i was so pissed
it means egoistic izzit? sounds so much nicer then want face
yeah i ego=)
and i'm so bloody pissed with my dad this afternoon
i ate half-way, then xiang ask me to go log off from my acc cuz he wanted to use
when i got back, dad already finished my chicken rice
FICK! i was like, that's my lunch! eh
ask him go cook maggie mee, he didnt bother. ASSSSSSSSS
then afterwards, i was watching VHS most wanted bodies (MTV)
then he take out the iron board and stuff and change to some tornado show
i changed back
then he say some shit stuff
we argued already then he say wanna watch then go iron clothes
so i go iron luh
and it's damn irritating, cant say the whole convo here, it's freaking LOOOONG.
he give some shit excuse luh
i wanna go my air-con room already

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