Monday, February 25, 2008

back really early=) and everyone keeps asking, wah, sch end so early arh?

haha, cuz 2day only have A math which was pretty easy but i kinda screw it up on my own
apparently my frens all got same ans except me. =((
but nvm, then went for lunch with jess, wu jia and chu xuan
we went to taka
but the shops are all closed luh
so we waited at the fountain. ahha
then yoshi finally opened and we went to eat
the lady at the counter still ask me why we end sch so early
haha, i bet she suspect us of ponning sch
but we're innocent *really. look at how guai we are
then we hanged out at yoshi for a damn long period, chatting bout stupid stuff and present probs. catching up. lol
but, yoshi was damn empty, so it wasnt wrong for us to sit there
we were helping them to keep the seats warm u see
then got home alone and hungry
i'm so gonna eat the korean cup noodle that my mum bought from don noe where
it's all in korean so i have no idea how it taste like

this is my working table (bed)
zen is staring at the printer. why? cuz his attracted to the sound. whenever i print something, the moment i turn my head, i would see zen staring at the printer. damn cute
me and chu xuan at fountain. haha, i don noe why we look so spas
she was suppose to take pic of me (from far). but she insist on taking a near shot. ahah, so she took my fingers. TSK, XUAN!!!
=p. i was trying to see how it looks like when i smile at a small boy/girl.
oh oh!
the other day when i was on my way home
i saw this ang moh dad and small boy
the dad was trying to get a cab
while the SUPER ADORABLE boy was running here and there
then he stop and look at me, then i look at him and smile
then he gave that pai seh face and ran off
and he somemore have the mushroom hair cut. imagine it bouncing while running

sooo. i didnt to smile to everyone small boys/girls ic. their reaction is so cute
u should try=) lol

ps: just don scare them off. heee

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