Saturday, February 23, 2008


had e maths, for 2 hrs
edison chen's pic are really gross
this is the damn painful scratch zen gave me
in car
i don noe why i look this white

the fake smile. yay
after ballet yesterday, i went macs at sun plaza to wait for mum. bought twister fries and mc flurry
see see, consuming so much fats
i don noe why i couldnt rotate this pic, not my fault
but i could to this! so.... it's weird

the blurred thing is my orange ball=)
i'm so loner
hahaha, at home myself
so no one to save me from zen!
u noe once i got home, he immediately run after me luh
i noe the reason WHYYYYY
cuz, he's jealous of my name
he zen i zhen wad
i have 1 more letter more then him
that's why, and my name sounds nicer

OH OH! my mummy lend me her earpiece so,.
i can listen to radio again!
so happy
i need to lose weight, u noe nisa, from ballet, not g1
she came to me and say
'eh, u put on weight arh, alot'
i was like pouting all the way
haha, so more crutches

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