Saturday, January 19, 2008

YOOOOO, i'm finally back home

totally no time for work 2day
woke up at 8, cuz of my dad's alarm
went out for breakfast with parents, then met joce at yishun mrt and went to orchard
skip the boring parts alrite
went there too early, mosts shops not open yet but went to this shop called 'ooo.. baby!'
saw this really nice pink dress and red top
pics below
then went down to don noe where to cam-whore like shit
like seriously alot
so fun! but joce haven send me the pics yet
hahahah, THEN after an hr or so, we decided to go and look around
ate at ya kun toast for lunch
then i bought this green dress from love edition
so pretty

alrite, then walked around like crazy, bought belts and 1 buck earring!!! so cheap

YES, HW....-_- haiz
this morning, my dad was reading the newspaper then i saw this ariticle. OMGOSH, damn sad.. the dog, blinded in one eye and it's like the meat get cut off=( motha fickers gangsters

i bought this from the oo baby shop. joce bought it too, but hers is bit diff only. at the back is curve one.

i wanted to buy this dress!!! 39.90 i think. so nice, but joce insists it's UGLY. hahaha, i think it looks special
and at the cam-whore place

i have no idea why we look like ghost. SO WHITE!!!

and i'm the advertiser for fairlady jewellery

CHANGING ROOM!! yay, beloved place. but, this room is freaking small!!
HAH, saw them on tv right. they dance so cool.
i like this pic, for no reason

AHHH, yay. the green dress=)) from love edition. their bag so nice. i mean the 'plastic bag' which is a cloth bag, aiya, next time i take pic let u see
and my red top=)
then came home and bathed and went out for dinner
actually going to visit my ah ma but in the end too late, then go walk around at amk=))
at hang ten... i think i'm changing my fav colour to red soon. HAHAH. but didnt buy anything from hang ten luh, mum don want. suddenly this pics remind me of my cousin
alrite, then erm.... just walk. and went to the sea side
the place i so miss
since young when we have the car, we will go to the sea side to look at the stars, take a nap, play card games, eat, play bubbles, fireworks, bbq. etc
but after that no more car, so cannot make our way there
but now have the temporary car. YAY

flash sucks. GAH
oh oh! when u go there, u can find so many of this 2 names on the stones. so sweet rite. i think their names so nice. maybe they come to the sea side once then they will rite their name on the stone. wah, means they come so many times.
so romantic, so i tell my mum and bro next time i come here with my bf and rite shu zhen and bla bla. then my mum so wad luh, go say, next time u really find a guy called bla bla.
and some late pics!

wah, 2day's super great
me and joce like know each other for bout 1 yr already
i remember the first time i went out with her was last year cny day=)
SOOOO, we're going out again on CNY!!

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