Wednesday, January 2, 2008

OKIE DOKIE. 2DAY IS THE WEIRDEST DAY EVER. ok, maybe not ever.... but i noe it takes time to get use to

but b4 that!!!
oh shit, haven buy him anything yet=((
still owe him the eraser-__-
anw, we went causeway to eat
ate at seoul garden
some pics!

me and gor

THE BIRTHDAY BOY. ok, sry, this photo bit spas, who ask him to move. anw, he's addicted to the damn PSP. hello?!? u're sec 1 already boy.
then they say we needed to wait for 30 mins, so we went to popular to buy pens and stuff

saw this thing, seriously, i thot it was sweet 'pee' dispenser at first sight. click to enlarge ya! IT'S UBER LAME LUH, I NOE. then we finally got our place, popular was freaking crowded.
went to get some meat to start grilling!
i felt damn lazy so my other family just keep serving me meat to eat

but i just kept pushing it to xiang and drink the soup
then.... was feeling bloated, and was damn bored, just waited to start playing with food.
HERE GOES!! cook ur own fried rice in seoul garden

1ST STEP: duh, put in the rice.

STEP 2: pour in the bashed eggs
step 3: fry it!!
step 4: put it in ur bowl and try it. taste like claypot rice, but was too full to finish, just enjoyed playing. step 5: leave the cleaning of leftovers to others. HAHA, jk luh
yup. soooooo. we're done
cuz 2day have sch, so couldnt stay there too long
OMG, i went into my room at 10 30 luh! but duh, i slept at 12.
on the phone
MUAHAHA, as in msging. i have sore throat and block nose, which leads to block ears
AIYA hate it. get well soon ZHEN.

so sch 2day was really funny
went to sch with the head band thing
received plenty of comments, u look like u going yoga, look like those hip-hop kind, look weird, look funny, shouldnt wear it. BLA BLA BLA. but i heck. it's to remain neat in a cool way.-_- HAHHAHA, rubbish.
anw, went to sch, put my bag down and see weird faces.
like i was freaking ALONE.. cuz jiayue haven arrive yet
hate the feeling of NOT TALKING!!
feel so mute.
ya, so far my new teachers are great! i hope i'll enjoy studying from now on. which is so weird. so sch just ended LIKE THAT. i noe 2moro would be a better day!=)

gonna try make more frens, they seem bit unfriendly, that's why.... i'm sorta afraid of them.

ANW, the remaining pics from the outing of me and joce.


I accidentally took this while joce is practising her wave. HAHA, so far, xx, joce and nikki are learning from me. the wave and moon walk. so cool luh.

i had no idea wad i was doing
I LOOK FUGLY AND TARDED, but i love it. HAHA, to kiss the air i mean.

anw, after sch had the orientation rehearsals.
this fri is the real thing
so wont be home early
there's dance 2moro as usual.
that's all ya, will see how it goes 2moro! pretty excited, but so not the hw part....
did i make the wrong decision? izzit too late to regret?
damn, i feel crazy and hyper. i need someone in class that is as crazy as me. so i can just say anything under the roof. jy is, but she sitting FAR FAR AWAY!!!! ok, not that far, but diff grps. lalalalalala
gtg bathe.
my throat's KILLING ME! fcuking itchy, kept coughing the whole bloody day. later my new class mates think i got some virus=(( walau. hmph. fine, drink more water

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