Sunday, January 6, 2008


woke up surprisingly at 9.53 2day. counted pretty early
btw, yay, i've read like slighty more then half of whale rider!!
ok, hate to admit but, it's actually quite interesting
the first part was total greek, couldnt understand A WORD bout wad they're saying
but now, it's more eng. HEHEHE
AH YA!!!
created it last night
changed the blog skin 2day
go see if u're free
dancers, that blog is very impt to us k.
all our planning starts from there, any info, just put up there
so like if we ask u to check, THEN GO CHECK
yipee. so exciting=))

alrito, last night went yck to visit my ah ma
YAY, she's discharged from hospital already
played dai dee yesterday too!=)
so cool
i kept winning, only lost a few times
i meant winning as not becoming the last person.=)
heh heh.
oh look, this can so cute. it's plastic btw. transparent

i had no idea how this came into mind. but looks cool

EARRING GIVEN BY WU JIA! the guy....>>>
THE GIRL!! so sweet right. i like this type of thing

AH YES.... this is my signature move whenever i win=)) when i lose..... u'll see later
and only ONE emo shot.
the thing that represents us DANCERS!! vitality. proudly done by winnie=) appreciate that greatly
MY PINK ROOM! how sweet. ok, too princessy. but i like it=) better then dull dirty white
AND CHOCO PARADISE. my breakfast in the morning

YES. this is the move when i'm the asshole-_-. except, i werent smiling. i make alot of noise when playing dai dee with my family. bcuz they don care. HAHA
for eg, "ahhhh", "noooo", "eh eh skip ur turn!!", "uhhh"
ok, there's more, i 4got myself too
ok, i'll try to get myself to finish my my eng hols hw
oh b4 i 4get, new fren made. KEZIAH!

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