Monday, January 7, 2008


wah, very tired today
had dance
made new fren, shahira, really nice girl
she's position 54 and couldnt get into triple science, so sad luh
ya, i'm really tired and YES!! lao shi noe who jie ling is
went home with jia wei and lu khei again
i like lu khei cuz she reminds me if jie ling, bit biased i noe.
HAHA, but i caught her doing 3 weird stuff 2day
really hard 2 explain. but super funny when u tell her she's doing something weird
her reaction is to cover her face. hehehhe
there!! that's jie ling, the one getting fed. so chio right. =DDDDDD

ok, u should noe who=)) if u're totally blind, she's the one on the left. she's so much prettier real life. AHHH

ok, back to A math


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