Tuesday, January 1, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR!^^ ok i have the new year spirit. LOVIN IT!

so hyper now
my mail didnt jam alot this time
although almost every single min there'll be 3 new sms. now it stabilize=)
the fireworks at causewaypoint is damn nice. wasnt there luh
just that i could see it from my house=)
the countdown was great, ok i have loads to say.
on phone talk then stop then msg and msn, then try to upload pics and blog
multi tasking rocks yo.
ok, first, i'll talk bout the morning
slept at 2 despite i was quite sleepy
talked to ivandy then deedee
no regrets ya=)
ok, then woke up around 7.30? with 4 alarms. deedee, ivandy, joce, and my own.
duh i woke up
then got ready and get out off my house
waited for joce and ate at macs
then went to sch
skip skip skip
manage to sneak into the mpr!
and danced, actually we danced outside the arts con too. spent alot of time there till our feet damn black
pics next time, is in the digital cam. more pics are still with joce=)
blog bout the trip 2moro!!!!! had a great time with her 2day

i almost cried when i saw this. a dead cat. i screamed or rather i remember screaming, maybe no sound came out. i just held my heart and closed my eyes. when we came back from sch, i noe i'll see the cat again, but i screamed again. wanted to take some leaves to cover it but joce says no, for my own good luh=)) saw flies when we came back=(( justsuddenly reminded me of zen when i saw the cat, cant imagine if zen's the one...... i would just cry for days i think....

the emo shots in mpr! so cool. i realize one fact, joce cant take emo shots cuz she'll just keep laughing! keesiao luh. HHAH
i just love sepia. effect's great=D
oh ya, the head band.. =)
2008 ya'all!!!!!

ok, then bathed and went out to novena again
to visit dear ah ma
did some hw
but useless=((( damn luh
i need a smart ass to sit beside me and tell me if i've chosen the right ans or not, and explain all thos difficult words.
then went amk to eat

but we reach there earlier then the guys, they had to send my ah gong home first.
then me and mum walked around amk hub
spotted some pretty dresses
going back there to buy=) YAY, for cny!!!!
then eat already just go home, the train quite empty, cuz all go vivo celebrate
i still think taufik is better then hady, at least he can dance! so cool!!

rah! happy new year k=) next year will be a better year! eh, i think i wanna go countdown next year. wanna go??
bought this at watson for freaking 2 BUCKS!!!
LALA!=) oh ya, i realize if i take small bites of food, i'll feel more full and eat less=) so happy. i copy how wan yu eats. haha, her waist is so darn small.
ok ok, erm, i have to call ppl already
and read all my new sms, should be around 8 to 10
keep vibrating.

oh and...... it's my lil'bro's b.dae. 1 jan.
haven buy him anything yet
he's damn cute
me: eh, i buy u eraser can already
him: aiya, anything luh, anw i don care
me: orh fine! then i don buy for u anything
him: ok ok, buy buy
i was lmao! so cute=))

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