Saturday, January 26, 2008

everyone keeps commenting on this: 'i just dont get it why zen(cat) only bites/chase me, i must be damn attractive'

ahh, i feel like i haven blogged for quite long
again, wasted another sat doing CNY shopping!!
haha, anws.... bought alot alot of stuff
and alot alot of pics 2day that are accumulated
bought green skinnys and this grey 3/4 skinnys

pics first!

ALOY AND ME at cgs bus stop!!
NICOCO AND MUA! u see, i'm like so guai in sch, use hair band and put up my fringe. YAY
AH AH!!! LOOK CAREFULLY!! jie ling's inside. omg, how de hell didnt i notice she was there when i went to watch a few years ago... she's the one in yellow, smiling the best=)
and me-_-
yes i love tv.

MILO SHIRT. from dad. his company's shirt. SO BIG!! NICE TO SLEEP... ZZZ
oops sry, i think i accidentally pressed a button and it took a pic of inside my bag

this is only half of it
ogay... i cant decide on wad to wear on cny eve. gahh.
green skinnys. not very tight actually. looks quite weird.HAHA, MY MUM SAY LOOK LIKE CHIRSTMAS TREE. NOT BAD ARH


wore this out the whole day. BLACK, WRONG CHOICE. SO HOT~~!
i think the light got prob. the jean's green
or should i wear skirt? it's from op, just bought 2day. my mum suggests i wear skirt

or just black tights? OH MAN, I REALLY CANT DECIDE LUH. HELP PLS
well, saw li guo huang at amk hub doing some show. my dad so tv-face
is there such thing? HAHA
i think he purposely go and stand in front
NVM, so tired.
i don noe wad to blog bout already luh
i just walked and cough the whole time 2day
coool. oh ya, for the first time, ate at pepper lunch
my bro don believe it's my first
ask me more then 10 bloody times
ogay.... i need to do something else
bought loads of cny goodies!! yummy
especially sweets=))

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