Wednesday, January 9, 2008


ok, let me talk bout my dreams these 2 days first

last last night
i dreamt bout...
erm, those that watch i am legend right??
the zombies??
i dreamt they were in my overseas house
and in alot of details somemore. but i'm not too sure if i die or not
firstly, i don own an overseas house
secondly, i don noe, ficking nightmare
now i'm like so scared to watch zombies movie already=[
next, last nite
i have no idea why i woke up at 1 plus to brush my teeth, thinking it's time for school
and when i checked my phone, it says 1:26am. so i went back to sleep
that night again. sometimes i'll have such weird stuff, happened to me last year too. but woke up like 4 times instead. hha
anw, this morning's dream was bout my toe!
i dreamt that half of it, i peeled it off! and it doesnt hurt, and my toe looks UGLY!!
i was so ='O
fancy having 2 'nightmares' continously. 'nightmares', cuz it doesnt seem very scary at all.

ANW, ficking loads of HOMEWORK!!

how to finish
and i'm still ficking blogging
have to rite zuo wen on fri, hand in compo on fri, hand in hols hw on frio and have math test on fri.
ok, there's still many many, but WADEVA
!!!!!!! getting more stressed already
cool down

HAHAHA, u noe wad, i took a test in facebook: what mental diorder do you have?
then mine is OCD i think. i 4got. something to do with obession, like my obsession 2wards jie ling. HAHAH, it states that the ppl that i hang out with are annoyed with it.
so erm
hey sry ya. i'll control myself from now on, and not talk bout jie ling too much=)
gtg do homeworkie!!! BB=D

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