Wednesday, December 12, 2007


at the airport, after checking in, ate my EXPENSIVE dinner, went to check out terminal 3, the skytrain closed at 10 so had to freaking rush back by foot to terminal 1 and go in. walked a long distance to the place with my extremely huge bag. met up and went into the plane.... erm.. watched ratatouille. i told myself to watch finish first then can sleep, so watched finished.
still on the plane. haha.played some games, did sudoku, got off the plane, took a coach to narita airport, bla bla, landed at miyazaki, bla bla, went to the cottage, hypered. ate dinner. hypered. gossiped. SLEEP
set off to new sch. had stomach ache. went to new sch, walked around, welcome ceremony, went back with host. ate dinner, bonded, slept extremely early
go back to sch, had eng lessons, flower arrangement, tea ceremony. bonding with other schools. got back home, bathed, ate dinner, watched tv, listened to music(obviously english), did some hw (SOME, PATHETICALLY SOME ONLY), ate supper, sleep
went out with family. ate breakfast, wore thick jacket, set off to the mountains. bla bla mountains after mountains (was cool, i mean cold.) went boating. went to arcade to take neoprint. then ate dinner, then went karaoke. went home, showed them pictures, they show me theirs, went to bed round 1
went to another mountain, then went to another place to take neoprint, then they send me back to the cottage, I SO MISSED THEM. someone helped me carry back the luggage, met geraldine and regina in the room but had to switch back later on. once we reach, talk NON-STOP. talk SOOO much. like unbelievable! ok, enough. then we changed and went to another place for the farewell dinner. put on make up, changed into costume and get ready, ate some SUSHI! and get ready. ok i noe i said get ready twice luh, wadeva. then we were waiting for our turn to go on stage. then it's our turn! haha, had some mistakes but the crowd loves it! yay=) haha. changed into the other costumes and get ready. performed, clapped. went back to cottage. EIKA CRIED, her mum too. damn sad.... but nvm, at least we had fun time 2gether!=))) then went back to our rooms. SO MUCH FREAKING DRAMA. loads happened. but i wont say here. then slept... duh
went pacific ocean, i miss the smoke! i mean when we breathe out got the smoke, FREAKING COOL!!!!!! so i kept on doing it as singapore wont get a chance at all then went to visit the volcano but only some crap area, i thot we were going to the crator or something, make all of us have motion sickness cuz the road was so twiney. then went to a farm, had lunch, visit some animals where we could smell their shit from far away, and then roll down the hilll till my shorts get extremely dirty. went back to cottage and get ready for dinner, after dinner, we went jusco! to shop for the very last time in japan. when we wanted to go back, i realize i haven go to the 100 yen shop, so i beg ms ng and ms goh to let me, lynn and nicole go. YAY! bought loads os make-up stuff from there. then went back to cottage. had some drama thing going on again and went to sleep on the couch cuz nicole slept on my bed as amanda slept on hers. HAHA, but nvm, luckily i had my melody pillow to sleep on.
woke up super early, had the guys waiting for us outside helping us carry our luggages down, then took the bus to the airport, long thingy with planes and stuff, reached singapore!


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