Sunday, November 18, 2007

YO YO! (someone said saying 'yo' is being american. so i said:" i'm not from amalika luh". sry, was being lame....)

just had dinner
i have 2 ulcers
one on my tongue
one on my lip
the one on my tongue is KILLING me!
i just cut my nails
but of cuz not like totally no more
i cut those got egde one
so now i keep scratching myself
thank you
there's dance 2moro
then after dance goona buy my books already
prepare to lift weights home
i can imagine the text books to be
10 inches thick?
how long is 10 inches??
cuz they freaking cost 20++++
later cost 20++ then the book come back only 2 cm
i go sue the creator
bye, i go watch the noose

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