Thursday, November 1, 2007

collecting my contacts 2day

i can finally send pics over to my com thru bluetooth which will take super long
one by one
i just realize i can send all at once
ok, sent
anw, i don wanna suddenly bombard my blog with 50 plus pics
so i'll post slowly
gonna collect my contact lens later
probably alone again
and going my da gu gu's house to stay 2nite
get to play with browny and brendy
heh heh
cuz 2moro's my cousin's wedding
but it feels kinda unprepared and stuff
i feel unprepared
ZEN has been sleeping like don noe how long
gtg feed him soon
ok, pics!!

this is wad u get when u bathe zen
and sleeepp
and sleepp
he always sleeps on my bed
and takes up half of my bed space luh
i mean er,.......... nvm
then i don wanna move and wake him up but it's so darn uncomfortable lying in one position rite
so after 5-10 turns and trying to signal to zen to ask him to get off in the dark, and to no avail.
he just opens his eyes and move a bit then go back to sleep
i carry him and put him on my bro's bed
but he'll jump to my bed again
bth (bway ta han)
then just TRY to sleep
next morning
suck my blanket
till damn wet

more pics next time bout the dinner at hans, downtown and such

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