Monday, October 15, 2007

WALK WALK WALK . TOWNING( i mean it...)

ok, i shall talk bout the happy part first
went to town to meet amanda
then from orchard walk all the way to cine
then 'left' the boys alone
boys mean my bros and justin(cousin. amanda's bro)
and started walking and walking
i don wan to elaborate
just noe tat
we walked from wisma to cine
then from cine to heeren
ATE SAKAE. again... hehe
then back to cine
to watch BALLS OF FURY!!!
it's damn funny
but it's only 1 1/2 hr
so short luh
then walk to paragon
then walk back to cine
then walk to P.S
on the way
bought a top from factory oulet

says: I LOVE TV!!!

then made our way to p.s
our feet were DAMN painful luh
amanda's blister burst
tsk tsk tsk
but wat to do
girls mah
then roamed THRU p.s
after that
we walked to cathay
bought a necklace
but then it's so lousy
although it's appealing

then walked back to P.S for dinner

but we couldnt bloody decided wat to eat

maybe after spending 1 hr

we decided to eat at hot tomato

OUR CHOICES: hot tomato, gelare, secret recipe, swensons, macs

it's crazy

then after eating

walked all the way back to cine

amanda wanted to walk to esplanade at first, but she sort of forgotten


THEN went 7-eleven buy gummy

aiya, our day is full of walking=))

then went home

my legs were killing me


came home

mum scolded me

maybe 1 hr?


she keeps putting words in my mouth

i was so wrong

gtg eat lunch

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