Monday, October 1, 2007

hey yo

didnt blog yesterday or even on the com

anw, i didnt bring my phone 2 the doctor on sat
so now still sick
haiz... poor phone.=(

2moro is torture paper
but i don like studying one day b4
but it's a must
so wth
i've gtg to the minimart to buy ice-cream to mix with my oreo. no ordinary oreo
but oreo that has been in my bag for days and it's all in bits......
so my mum suggested mixing
then still have to buy i weekly and dynamo (the detergent)
back. went down with the scooter again

noe wat, my class's prop: shrek ears
is zen's fav toy i think
other then plain old plastic bags, strings and paper
ok, that's alot
he just loves biting it
probably the colour and the ears attracted him
he bites the ear
it's fun seeing him play with it
cuz i'll usually put it thru his head
and he'll do some weird actions to get it out
ok, sadis
but funny=)))

this is actually the drink miranda: green apple (contradicting)
turned into my wish bottle??
just for fun ONLY ok, back to lit studies

omg, chinese is over. one subject down



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