Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ASS, blogger got problem again

last nite slept super late
but nvm
managed to wake up, not feeling giddy which is weird

eating fried rice now
so hard

anw, on the way home just now
i walk pass this grp of malays
first thing i hear
like shouted it when i walked pass
so should be scolding me
but wat's the point, they got over 1o peeps
i stare, i die

school was

got holi hw already
omg, 2S1 is becoming a gambling den
actually it already is
the thing that keeps us occupied the whole bloody day
omg, damn fun
i love dai dee
i love dai dee

i love dai dee
i love dai dee
i love dai dee
it's brain exercising k
i'm getting faster
seems pro rite. HAHAHA. but i'm not faking it...

i made all these myself=))

woody is A BIG BULLY

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