Sunday, September 9, 2007

i'm not use to this

holidays just b4 the exams and gah
haven done finish my hw
frustrating ass luh

this is gonna be -_-
so nvm, just skip it, don think u'll understand anw
don come and ask me
i'll just say
nothing luh

i've talk to ___ for this ___
i feel weird not ___ __ ___
i don noe if this is ____ __ ____
i cant help it
just wth
i need to ___ ___
____ stresses me out bit
i need ___
i need to get away and calm down

ok, back to normal
at least i indirectly say it out
actually this is not the real thing luh
just part of my speech
lol, jk
ok, i cant concentrate
i hate myself for not being able to do that

back to studies girl

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