Monday, September 10, 2007


it's cold, weird way to start though
li wei is sitting beside me AGAIN!!!=) haah, we sat 2gether last year starting and this year ending. cool eh
love her love her
it's maths now
just after recess
i'm sick so i'm blocked
i meant got blocked nose and stuff, so my ears are blocked as well
so, if i cant hear you, sry... cant help it.

do u think i should cut bangs??
not bcuz of any reason, just that my mum hates my present fringe and wants me to cut it to bangs. but do u think i'm like suitable for it? looks weird huh
anw, bangs means the straight fringe hair cut, those that makes u look cheene, get it??
yup, nvm
i gtg listen to class


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