Friday, September 21, 2007


was actually so happy and laughing away just now and wanted to blog bout it but something made me FUCKING PISSED OFF
go press the link hui yi and read those tags and u'll noe
even if u don noe hui yi, u'll feel angry for her can
i type something and got scolded
but doesnt matter expected anw
i'm like getting scolded nowadays
they from diff sch
ahmad ibrahim
ok, nvm
if u don want to click on the link
i'll copy and paste wat they wrote
aiyah, i shall
but not all=)
cuz it's so....
fucking STUPID!!!!
btw, it's the -: that's the idiot one
OH, AND PLS READ FROM THE BOTTOM. cuz i copied them from the tagboard.

shuzhen: oh and last of all loser, ur -: don even have a mouth, i wonder how u can bit*h so much
shuzhen: i meant a race against u. not with u, NEVER with u

shuzhen: and yeah, i'm a tortise from the mountain withlong white beard, but i'll still win the race with u no matter wat.
shuzhen: will it kill me?? NO. use ur common sense man, before coming and shooting ur smelly ass off here. get a life.
shuzhen: and it wins it all. who would like a fake as a gf? that's why hui yi has lasted so damn long with her bf. i bet ur 3 bit*h idols wont last long. AND so wat if i don VISIT TOPSHOP.
shuzhen: i look better than them or wat rite?? u're such a failure in life idiot. i don think u look any better can. ah lianz naturally look prettier cuz they act bit*hy and pose like one. hui yi is natural
shuzhen: whoa, u read my blog just to find some stupid excuse to criticize me? childish ass pls. u're one mother-Fcuking MACHINE that shoots ur mouth whenever u like. i have never EVER said that
jan to -: LOL. if u have the guts then show your name, SUCKER of MANDA/JQ/YW. Stop being childish will u huh, small kid? buzz off.. LOL.
jac to -: wow.has the whole world offended u? mayb u shd juz **** off frm here cos u r not exactly the most welcomed psn here. dint go topshop? wads the deal wif it? superificial.
-: shuzhen... pathetic... YOU DIDN"T EVEN GO BEFORE TOP SHOP! LMAO..... hahahas... which type of tortise are you from ?the moutain?
-: to shuzhen... hahahs...the 3 girls look better than you... you are like worst than huiyi... they look pretty in pics.. how bout you?? look at the mirror... ugly in pics.. reall.. HAHAHA...

jac to -: i have no rights?? den what gives u the right to insult huyi? stop slappin yourself. LMAO. and obviously ur command of english is only pri sch. study more n stop sucking
-: please close down your blog asap.... or you may chose to take out your tagboard =D
-: yes... i am very free to do anything for my 3 idols...
-: oh, jac you got no rights to comment about jiaqian .... NOR MANDA NOR YUNWEI...
jac to -: im no sucker of huiyi. i do not have to suck up to her. im her elder sis. u juz need to wake up. all ur comments r so shallow. i tink u r too free sittin by the comp n replyin to my tags so fast
-: ask her touch her own heart and answer if she is still a virgin... HAHAHAHAHAHA
-: i think their english is way better than yours... don try to act your english very pro... their post is simple and sweet... how bout yours? lenghty and mushy...
jac to -: LMAO
jac to -: u said huyi gave her virginity in xchng 4 doz gifts? pls. shes not as shallow as u tink she is. if u r gonna say so, considerg tt JQ gets so much stuffs from so many guys; doesnt tt make her a WHORE?
-: at least im a sucker of jiaqian,manda,yunwei.... how bout you? sucker of huiyi?? zzzzz
-: the need to compare... because you are just far worst.... small eyes...bigface...such common name...flat nose... LAST OF ALL NO FIGURE...
jac to -: haiz. kids. obviously u r juz another ass sucker of manda n jiaqian or wadeva she is. ha. say ur name la. act anonymous n shoot ppl? u have no guts. mayb u r also jealous of huiyi.
-: you are soo nice to blog abou them in your post... how wonderful can they be....your blog is so boring... theirs is forever happening... comparing your looks with them...oh... i meant i don even have
-: is there anything wrong with yunwei helping manda? hahah.... plain jealous la you.... she have got a better figure than you. at least she have got the booobss... how bout you? air port runway?? LOL

-: jiaqian,yunwei,manda wont be coming back.... but i suppose there will be much more supporters of them coming here to tagg.... pathetic LOOSER...even your stead got nothing to comment...
-: i find pretty much qualities in jiaqian then u... she is way prettier and she has got the class.. look at urself in the mirror... u will be able to see a freaky monkey bisexual... nvm...
-: how old are u? they are 15 this year? and you are only 14? u call them kids then u should go home sucks mama milk.... three year old JUVINILE!
-: so what if manda told her friends to help?? hahahas.. at least she has more friends then u.... pathetic few to tag... and even one without name.... yucks... disgusted
-: look at ur tideous look before saying others...i think u look like a bisexual... don copy jiaqian say giggles lah... lack of vocabulary lors...
-: i suppose u are just acting rich... at least jiaqian got the money to spend... you doesn't...poor thing... did u offer ur virgin to him for exchange ofgifts?
-: i just saw jiaqian's blog... i tink she is wayy better than u... u are just simply jealous...she doesn't need bf to buy for her...plenty of guys will...pathetic...only one guy willing to spend on you

Huiyi - shuzhen: haha. Hey, i think so too. (: lol. Great minds think alike

shuzhen: ok, saw those 3 blogs. first impression, *****, second, ultimate AH LIAN. YUCK. but doesnt matter, make u 3 look good in ur photos, ONLY.

ok, but i realized something i did stupid
the boiling level drop already
water has evaporated
but i still got so much things to scold that person
and it's actually - not -:
i saw wrongly
that was the stupid thing
i can even be that dumb in fights
always like that, whenever i thot it was gg so well, i added some stuff to make it better, it turn out that it ruin the thing
ok, nvm
i go bathe
wash away the anger

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