Friday, August 31, 2007

damn hectic day
i shall just use an hr to blog bout it
here goes luh

teachers' day, went to sch at 6.30 for mass dance prac
then after assembly, we have mass dance competition
although never win
still think we rock

then changed into class jersey and anticipate our teacher's arrival
mr goh wore our class jersey as well!=)
then he came and bla bla
then went to the hall for celabration
rocked like ANYTHING?!?
(MY SPOON JUST FELL INTO THE SOUP. MAGGIE MEE. anyway, i took out an egg to put it in too, but ite, i 4got bout it.... )

then rushed down to cfps
freak u security guard
luckily he didnt block me AGAIN
if not i'll just kick him
then met up with xu chang after don noe how long=)
then saw alot of lians and bengs
i don even wan to look at them

the met lydia, lynette, yee lian, shi mei, joan and chong ying
met at macs
ate filet o fish=)
then after waiting for joan to laugh finish
and sitting there for ages
we went to play bb
lydia is DAMN good
and it was DAMN hot
lol, but DAMN fun

then met up with the boys and play level catching
haha, we're not childish, it's fun, trust me
i can say we girls improve quite a bit
we caught more then last time in p6
then they are damn sweaty and gross, haha... too long never come in contact with guy
but nvm
i was chasing jun wei
he fell down
haha, run again
still caught him
he's damn weird
keep rubbing his own wounds
nvm, watever.
then erm...
damn fun, cuz u don play catching with girls.... hah
haskel become damn couth
so did some of the others
meeting them next wed again
watching the mouse show
(don noe how to spell the erm.. ratatouille)

then rushed home but on the bus, saw stephnn
and his friends are like -_-
i didnt noe was him cuz didnt wear my specs
then came home
went out
then ye jing fetch me half way. haha
alot of ppl came 2day=)
and now at home
finished my maggie noodle
feel like sleeping

i have alot of emotions inside me now
and i have no idea why
-freakin confused

go away!!

freak, heck.

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